Best known for our Regional American Cuisine and direct focus on Californias Foothill Wines with a list of over 50 selections. We embrace locally grown produce; fresh vegetables grown in the central valley, locally raised meat, and seafood from the cold waters of the coast of Northern California.

A Native to Elk Grove, Chef Brett who grew up in the growing town remembers bagging groceries and restocking at Bel Air as his first job which was located just short of a mile from the old home his restaurant will later be.


Chef Brett graduated in 1998 from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. From there he furthered his culinary experience in restaurants such as Cypress Club, Vivande, and Bon Appetite. Elk Grove has always been the location Brett was passionate about staying in. Everything that is served is made from scratch. One book that Brett likes to read and use as a guide is a French cookbook written in 1890 called “The Escoffier Cook Book”.


The difference with Escoffier’s cookbook is that it does not have exact measurements and recipes, it serves more as a guide for chefs. With our smaller farms and local distributors we’re able to handpick what we’d like and get the freshest ingredients that get me so excited when creating our menu that changes constantly.

Alongside Brett, DuRon Crayton, Boulevard Bistro’s newest General Manager, is one of the most popular team members. DuRon has been a part of the Boulevard Bistro team since 2016. DuRon shadowed Candice Mora, Brett’s daughter and Boulevard Bistro’s previous General Manager, for four years, learning the ins and outs of our small business. In 2020, Candice left Boulevard Bistro to work alongside her husband, Chris, pursuing her passion for wine at their winery, Christopher Cellars. DuRon is elated to be able to continue sharing his passion of fine wine and great food next to Chef Brett.


At Boulevard Bistro, we center our business around providing the finest quality and best-tasting food to your plate. Our staff is challenged every day to innovate our creative dishes and perfect our classic, signature dishes. We hope each experience with us reflects our passion for great food and fine wine.

We are so excited to invite people into our “home” and serve things that we’d like to enjoy at our dinner table. It’s always been a priority to create a warm and intimate dining experience for our returning guests that feel like family and also to those who have just discovered us. Some of our favorites are the bone marrow, seared foie gras and duck confit with pork belly.

Each dish – an artwork